Have Faith Will Travel Introduction to Faith Etiquette By K. L. Russell It’s been awhile since I started this “faith travel blog”. Like so many around the globe, I’ve had to curtail expenses to manage our “daily bread” …so to speak. Much thought and anguish has gone into continuing with the blog. This decision was not made lightly, given the pandemic and inflation. Unquestionably, I’ve reorganized and rearranged our faith travels, without economic woes to our wallets. Between rising fuel and food prices…frankly, rising prices in general, and the pandemic still posing a health threat, it’s not rocket science to reexamine our "faith travel" blog. I’ve decided to concentrate on overall manners and faith etiquette. With that out of the way, allow me to carry on. PROLOGUE I’ve experienced a great many things throughout my life. I’ve mentioned in past blogs of being baptized and raised in the Catholic faith. However, I’m more of a “lapso-abso”, or “lapsed Catholic”, no